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Yabao Pharmaceutical Group is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with fully integrated technology development, product development, manufacturing, and commercialization capabilities. We leveraged over 30 years of experience, as a generic pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing company, to successfully transition into a growing, profitable, and technology driven proprietary branded pharmaceutical business. 

Yabao Pharmaceutical Group has 5 branches and 13 subsidiaries, more than 6000 staffs. As the first public Corp of the Shanxi Pharmaceutical economy system, Yabao started to be listed on the domestic-currency A-share market of Shanghai Stock Exchange market from Sep 2002. 

The total assets of Yabao are 300 million USD (2008), with year sales volume of 165 million USD and annual rate of growth is 32%. The net profit comes to 8 million USD, annual rate of growth is 92%.
The modern Traditional Chinese Medicines are Yabao’s main products, chemical medicine and biopharmaceuticals are its new products. It also has APIs and package products for pharmaceutical use. There are totally more than 300 products in this group. We have set up strong brand among drug products for cardio-cerebrovascular disease, pediatric disease and gynecological disease. With advanced facilities, equipments and instruments, Yabao has a strong ability for R&D and manufacturing. 
Yabao has been awarded advanced enterprises of quality and profits type of china, Grade AAA credit enterprises, and the Top-10 most cultural-valuable brands enterprises, China’s most growth-oriented enterprises, such as the honorary title. The trademark of YABAO and DINGGUI is one of China Top Brand/Trademark.
Adhering to the concept of Manufacturing Medicine to Benefit Mankind and the tenet of Refined Products, Better service, Bigger Brand and Stronger Enterprise, Yabao will continuously dedicate to revitalizing national medical industry.